LIVE Location Based Communication
What is it?

In transport it's either 'Next Stop' 'Advertising' or 'Immediate Messaging' relayed from the portal to onboard screen, to the App all based on the vehicles location - in realtime. Every second...

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Next Stop Solution
  • Subscription based service

  • Audio & visual solution

  • Origin & destination 

  • Next stop

  • 'At location' 

  • Diversions

  • Connecting local services

  • Tracking report functionality  every second 

  • Works across metro, urban and rural areas.

  • No GSM connectivity is no problem  

  • Journey plans are downloaded at the terminals and  executed regardless of GSM connectivity.

The Technology
  • Superfast reporting system feeding data back every single second.

  • Our NextStop is designed for 10/100/1000 + buses

  • Links into 'Open Bus Data'

  • TransXchange & Naptan data source

  • ScreenIT Technology uses the best Cloud providers on the market

  • No propriety hardware costs

  • Information can be downloaded to the bus ad-hoc, whilst 

  • Information can also be removed from onscreen in seconds

  • Hours of screen time for thousands of messages 

  • Communicate with passenger through static or video content, link on screen content to Apps or web based services

  • Promote products, new services, diversions, notices, timetable changes...

  •  Potentially offset cost by differing a percentage of screen time to commercial messaging.  

  • Huge opportunity for revenue drives through onboard screen media sales and App alignment with potential for AR R&D. 

Take a look!

As live content: Take a look at the video to show the portal and un-mute the audio to listen to realtime Next Stop onboard as heard on the selected vehicle.


The video also shows the onscreen content in realtime across the fleet. 



Public Transport, digitisation and communication has changed dramatically since 2017 and it will move faster from 2022 onwards.


How people view public transport and its role within the environmental challenge we face has also changed dramatically since 2017. With the Build Back Better underway and the BSIP (Bus Service Improvement Plan) backed by a £3 billion commitment from central government, along with railways reinvestment and its re-nationalistion program. Now is the time to look at how we better integrate people, with places and opportunities, using public transport.


We began with the objective of creating a better way of reaching passengers by developing a location based communication platform for onboard services (LBC).   

With the further adaption of the Bus Bill we continued to advance the system to incorporate a 'Next Stop Audio Visual Solution'. 

Working closely with Operators we've been better able to focus on the day to day complexities and legislative demands the PSV industry faces. This is how we ensure our products and services all have a future focus, as well as an investment value within the Transport Industry.. 

This collaborative approach brings stronger, smarter solutions to the Transport Industry with a team comprising of PSV Operators, Geolocation Experts and Marketeers. 

Now we'd like to include you... 





R&D. Establish the need, future need and focus
Remote access LBC platform/portal created for onboard PSV. Trialed live urban and rural for 12 months
'Next Stop' and combined Live RTI Audio/Visual Coms Platform successfully developed onboard SimpliBus Stagecoach
12 months R&D +6,000,000 Ads shown
Less than 0.2% downtime across all screen input/output. With a single second response time to geolocation tracking, as realtime mapping facilities


Communication. It doesn’t need to be complicated, overworked or expensive’. 

Our digital systems are built on standard, easily accessible and low cost but robust hardware. 

So, there's no lock-in to a specific hardware vendor and as the world of technology grows so will the opportunities around onboard communications.

With our help and advice you can buy and fit your own on-board audio visual equipment to link into ScreenIT services.

Or,  if you'd prefer we can source and fit your screens and speakers through our own suppliers and electrical engineers


- ScreenIT's´s strength is making a hardware solution that works across all buses

- Using easily accessible hardware means that stock can be kept on hand and system outages resolved within minutes.

- Ideal for retrofit and new buses

- There are no additional devices for the driver to operate.

- VOSA compliant.

- Designed for upcoming Department of Transport requirements

- Bus Open Data is included in the subscription

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Simple solutions 

R&D'ing our products and services with both national and independent operators has meant that we have the scope to develop solutions that are accessible to all skill levels and were possible, completely intuitive


This also means we are better able to understand wants, needs and expectations to ensure our products are robust and fit  for purpose across both urban and rural environments. 



A collaborative senior team

who brings together key skills across Transport, Geospatial, Marketing and Communications 


Jason Jones

EMEA: GIS and location intelligence markets




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Partnerships & Investors

ScreenIT is continually developing and as a future focused company it is always open to discussions with peer organisation across mobile an digital technologies; and or investors, to better adapt and advance the model or services.

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